Opel Future Models - Overview

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Opel has always been recognised as a practical innovator. Our engineers and designers are constantly searching for more flexibility, better ergonomics, lower or zero emissions, to provide better cars for all of our customers.

This naturally means we expend a lot of effort in studying cutting edge design, and new propulsion technologies. We are also evaluating advanced materials and developing new production techniques to make them feasible. All together this adds up to a desire to stay right at the forefront when it comes to defining the future of automotive mobility.

Take a look at our future cars and upcoming models.


Cleaner, leaner and fitter

Over the years Opel has introduced a whole range of new features to the mass market, and we never stop seeking to innovate. The FlexFix® rear carrier system and the FlexRail® centre console storage system of the Meriva are just two more recent examples. See what’s coming next.