Opel ecoFLEX - ecoFLEX Vehicle Optimization


Many small changes can make a big difference. Therefore, to further improve efficiency, every aspect of vehicle performance is under continuous assessment by Opel engineers.


Active air management

Air drag is a crucial factor for the fuel consumption and the emissions of a car, especially at higher speeds.


Aerodynamic fine-tuning can therefore be found on ecoFLEX cars, reaching from lowered chassis, optimised front design to active grill shutters, which adapt the airflow trough the engine compartment to the thermal needs.


Low rolling resistance tyres

The rolling resistance of the tyres is another important factor for consumption. In contrast to the aerodynamics it is considered as independent of speed. Reducing of the rolling resistance can result in fuel savings up to 4 %.


Modern low rolling resistance tyres fulfill the same standards for treadwear, traction and temperature resistance as regular tyres.


Optimized gear rates

Longer drive ratios allow reduced engine speed at a given vehicle speed, but also mean less acceleration. By coupling longer drive ratios to engines with increased power and low end torque, this handicap is avoided on Opel ecoFLEX cars.


Shift indication

Awareness of when to shift is a key factor in economic driving. Most Opel ecoFLEX models have a shift indicator easily visible in the instrument cluster, letting the driver know the optimum time to change gear for maximum efficiency.


Start/Stop System

When activated, it ensures considerable savings and reduced emissions in city traffic, waiting at a red light or in traffic jams. The system automatically stops the engine when the car comes to a standstill. The engine promptly restarts as soon as the clutch is engaged.

Brake energy recuperation

Brake energy recuperation recovers the kinetic energy produced under braking and deceleration and transforms it into electric energy with the generator. This energy is stored in the battery and is used to power the electrical equipment during normal driving, with the benefit that the generator needs less energy to keep the battery charged.

Control your consumption

The ecoFLEX Drive Assist shows you exactly when to shift for maximum economy, but it also does more. It shows the equipment that is using the most energy together with the fuel consumption history for the previous 50 kilometers. For this it has three sub-menus that are shown in the central display between the instruments.


Externally controlled climate compressor

The air condition systems on ecoFLEX vehicles are driven by an externally controlled compressor that operates only as and when needed. This not only enables better climate control, but also cuts fuel consumption and emissions in comparison to a conventional system, where the compressor is driven at all times from the engine.