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To optimize engine efficiency, Opel uses advanced technologies to improve the combustion process and to reduce internal losses due to friction and excess weight.

Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

To improve the airflow and the combustion, VVT allows the timing of the intake and exhaust valves to be changed during operation. It adapts constantly to load conditions and so provides increased performance coupled to reduced consumption.

Variable intake manifold

By varying the length of the intake tract controlled by a valve, the speed of airflow is increased at low revolutions for high torque by directing the air through a lower path.


At higher revolutions, a shorter path with increased diameter opens to maximise peak performance. The result is smooth, flawless performance over the whole revolution range.

Multi injection common rail system

Ultra fast injectors allow up to 8 injections per engine cycle for a more controlled and smoother combustion. The result: Better driving comfort, lower noise and reduced consumption and emissions.

Closed loop combustion

Diesel glow plugs with pressure sensors allow the pressure to be constantly monitored in the combustion chamber for fine-tuning of the fuel injection process. This enables an optimum closed loop combustion process which results in better performance and fuel economy together with reduced emissions and noise on most ecoFLEX models with diesel engine.