Opel Concept Cars - Design Language


The clean line of good design extends right into the future – with outstanding aerodynamics and ergonomic versatility.


Sculptural artistry, executed with German precision engineering expertise: Opel blazes new trails in automotive design with their concept cars, creating a new aesthetic.


Anticipating the future

Even before the first sketches are made, our designers, engineers and researchers have fully immersed themselves in the demands of the future.


They carefully evaluate changing patterns in demographics, economy, ecology, lifestyle and technology.


From sketches to sculpture

In a world where most products are designed solely with computers, we still believe in the ingenuity and integrity of the human hand and craftsmanship. That´s why we not only use the best available computers, we put considerable time and effort into creating full scale clay models. That way the sculptural elegance of our concept cars literally evolves under the hands of our designers.


The future of aerodynamics

Because the laws of physics can not be ignored, aerodynamics will always remain a key factor in maximizing fuel economy.


Exploring intelligent interiors

Getting the most comfort and versatility out of the given dimensions of a car has always been a major strength of Opel. And we are constantly working to pioneer further improvements.