Opel Concept Cars - Concept and Reality


Dreams are not only allowed, but encouraged when designing an Opel concept car. But these dreams should always be able to be transformed into reality at a reasonable cost.


From concept to the street

The revolutionary FlexDoors® System was first shown in concept form in Geneva in 2005? The level of public interest created there led us directly into evaluating the relevance to various large customer groups. The rest of the story is known: The Opel Meriva is now winning the hearts of people all over Europe.


Encouraging original thoughts

Nobody thought of it before, but one of our designers asked himself: Why not use the under floor space of a car for a fully integrated slide-out carrier to transport your bicycles without the inconvenience of mounting an external carrier? The FlexFix® bike carrier was born – still an exclusive feature of the Opel Corsa, Meriva, Astra and Antara.