Guaranteed peace of mind with Opel.

Opel cars, represented in Malta by Motors Inc. Ltd come with a unique 5-year warranty programme. The programme consists of 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and an extended warranty of a further 3-year offered by Motors Inc. Limited.

Opel 5 Year Warranty

This warranty programme is applicable on the full range of each new Opel passenger car model - from the compact segment, to the saloon and SUV - bought and registered in Malta.


The manufacturer’s warranty, which comes as part of the package of any Opel car, offers a no-mileage limit for the first 2 years and 12-year anti-perforation body warranty (*).


Motors Inc. Ltd then offers a further 3-year extended warranty as a statement of confidence in the quality of the Opel brand and a clear intent to provide the very best customer service to both Opel car owners and an important consideration for new buyers looking for a reliable car and aftersales service.


Apart from design and comfort, Opel has always been recognised for its German precision and the 2+3 seamless warranty on new cars is the best and most complete guarantee and peace of mind a buyer can get and benefit from.


This extended warranty programme is transferable and it is not limited to the original owner, boosting the vehicle’s residual value.


Further information about the warranty programme on any Opel car may be obtained from the Opel showroom at Motors Inc. Ltd in Mdina Road, Qormi, or by sending an email to or calling 2269 2122. Terms and conditions may apply.


(*) Opel guarantees that no rust perforation of the bodywork (corrosion from inside to outside, perforation) will occur as a result of defective materials or workmanship, providing that the vehicle has been used normally in the intended manner. The warranty is valid for a period of 12 years, for Combo 8 years and for Movano 6 years from delivery from the supplying Opel Retailer or from first registration, whichever occurs first. For Opel offered body conversions the warranty is valid for a period of 3 years.