Innovation - Safety
Opel Innovation - FlexFix®

FlexFix® your bike

The fully integrated bike carrier system simply slides out from the rear bumper.

Drive and ride with flexibility
Opel innovations - Electric mobility

Electric mobility

Experience the future of mobility: Revolutionary vehicles with electric propulsion that can be driven without any compromise.

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No wonder the Astra and the Insignia both got the top ratings in the Euro NCAP safety test. Our vehicles carry a comprehensive array of passive safety features to ensure optimal protection in case of an accident. Active safety equipment aims to prevent accidents by warning the driver of potential hazards and helping maintain stability.

Opel Innovation - AFL+

Adaptive Forward Lighting for safer night vision

Imagine headlights which change their pattern and intensity to suit your location, the weather, and your speed. Opel’s advanced Adaptive Forward Lighting system (AFL+) makes night driving safer and more relaxed by improving visibility in curves. This industry leading forward lighting system automatically selects from nine different light functions each designed to provide optimum illumination in each driving situation without dazzling other drivers. The result: less stress, more safety.


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Advanced Park Assistant makes parking easy

Using front and rear sensors the Advanced Park Assistant can detect a suitable parking space and then using visual instructions displayed on the central display guides you into it. Push-button activated, it is computer controlled and also senses obstacles. Both written and visual graphics indicate the steering angles and direction. The result is perfect parallel parking, even in confined spaces.


Parking made simple

Let ADAM park for you! Once it has found a slot you just keep your hands off the wheel, your ADAM will let you know when to accelerate, brake or when to change the gear for perfect, stress free parking maneuvers.


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