Opel Vice President Alain Visser: “Cars are our passion”.

“Opel. Wir leben Autos.”

16 Sep 2009

At the IAA 2009, Opel will not only debut its latest generation of the Astra, but also a new slogan stating, “Wir leben Autos.” Alain Visser, Vice President of Opel Marketing, Sales and After-Sales, explains the reasons behind the change.

Q&A with Alain Visser – New German motto

Why are we introducing a new motto now?

Alain Visser: The IAA and premiere of our most important volume model, the Astra, is the right time to do this.

Why “Wir leben Autos”?

Visser: Cars are our passion, and this excitement influences everything we do. I know that sounds pretty emotional, but that’s exactly how it’s meant. If you want to build great cars, you’ve got to put your heart and soul into it, along with all the energy that involves.

The motto will be used around the world – in German. Are people everywhere going to understand it?

Visser: Oh, I’m sure they will, but even so, it’s a gutsy move to stick with German instead of going with English. I think just the choice of language itself already makes a clear statement: We are an international company with German roots.

Q&A with Alain Visser – Technology and design

How important are technological innovations for Opel?

Visser: They have always been important, and are becoming even more important every day. I think that cars will continue to be more than just a mode of transport in the future. They’ll remain an integral part of society’s mobile lifestyle. And so innovation means making peoples’ everyday life easier. We understand our customers’ needs because we reflect on our own and bring this personal element to the table. And this is a really good foundation to build on to noticeably improve our customers’ mobile lifestyle.

This also includes design...

Visser: .. yes, exactly, and that’s why design is one of the areas that we’re really focusing on. People want their car to fit their personality and match their attitude toward life. So a good car combines everything: exciting design, state-of-the-art technology and innovative, environmentally friendly ideas.

…and these are the kinds of cars you want to build…

Visser: Absolutely, and that demands commitment. That’s why we say “Wir Leben Autos.” That is our passion, our dedication, our love of detail, our sense of responsibility, our goal and, yes, our confidence. That’s what makes us Opel.

What “Wir Leben Autos” means

The »Wir« (We) stands for the excitement and affirmative, positive attitude of our colleagues and dealers – a great starting point for the development of intelligent, surprising and innovative products we supply to our customers.

The word »leben« (live) embodies the high level of energy at Opel. It is a vitality which anyone who has experienced an Opel can feel through the variety of practical functions, exciting innovations and fascinating, dynamic design.

Finally, the »Autos« (cars) have become an essential part of our lives. We combine our personal experiences with that of our customers in order to make their daily mobility simpler and more comfortable.