Electrifying Ampera: Combines Opel Looks in Efficient Hatchback.

06 Sep 2009

  • Influenced by Opel’s design theme of sculptural artistry with German precision
  • Sleek aerodynamics support emission-free driving
  • Offers the comfort and accoutrements expected in a 21st century car

Upscale, sporty look for aerodynamic efficiency

GM’s design team has created a practical, efficient electric car that builds on Opel’s award-winning design direction. The Opel Ampera offers optimal passenger space, futuristic equipment features in an aerodynamic, premium design.

Sculptural artistry gives Ampera its dynamic exterior

The Ampera’s exterior design takes up cues from the Opel Flextreme and GTC Concept show cars. For example, it features dramatic, boomerang-like headlights that seamlessly integrate with the lower fog lights. The car has a dynamic, almost aggressive low stance seen most prominently in the front and tail.

Maximum efficiency through optimal aerodynamics

Aerodynamics, too, play a particularly important role in maximizing driving range. GM engineers and designers worked together to optimize the air flow around the front fascia and outside mirrors of the Ampera. Significant attention was also given to the rear with a specifically designed spoiler and clean separation features.

All amenities of an upscale hatchback combined with the latest technology

The Ampera offers the space, comfort, and convenience features that customers expect in a car with five-doors, four-seats and storage capacity of 301 liters.


“On the Ampera we’ve continued to challenge the norm and have searched for new and exciting color and material combinations. To support the car’s innovative character we’ve worked with experimental trims and paints that you will see more of in future Opel models” said John Puskar, Director, Interior Design for GM Europe.