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Opel engineers take your safety as seriously as their own. Opel Safetec® and the advanced driver assist features of the Mokka simply mean that if the worst ever happens you’ll be ready for it – with exceptional reserves of control.

  • Opel Mokka - Safety

    Exterior View

  • Opel Mokka - Safety
    Safety Airbags
  • Opel Mokka - Safety
    Child Seat


Safety in depth

Opel Safetec® is a fully comprehensive safety system integrating and synchronizing all aspects of active and passive safety for maximum security in any situation. Every Opel vehicle begins with a rigid safety frame. To this are added energy absorbent bumper systems with crash boxes front and rear, progressively deformable structures and high tensile steel side protection bars. The design and structure of these elements also means that the Opel Mokka meets all pedestrian safety standards.


A major advantage of Opel technology is that in low speed impacts deformation damage is minimized, so keeping repair costs down. For example the bumpers are self-repairing with impacts at under 4 km/h. In addition the Opel Mokka also meets RCAR (Research Council for Accident Repairs) standards to reduce damage and deformation at low speed collisions, reducing insurance costs in several European countries.


Other passive safety systems include smart seatbelt reminders front and rear, dual pre-tensioned front seatbelts, with front side and curtain airbags. In addition there is the pedal release system that protects against lower leg and foot injuries in major impacts. For child safety the front passenger airbag is key switch deactivated and there are Isofix child seat mountings on the two outer rear seats.

Opel Mokka - Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL+)

Improved Adaptive Forward Lighting Plus

Controlled by speed, steering input, and electronics, Opel Mokka’s advanced AFL+ system automatically selects from nine different headlight patterns, each designed to provide optimum illumination without dazzling other drivers.


The benefit: less stress, more safety.

  • New Opel Mokka - High Beam Assist for Halogen Headlamps
    High Beam Assist for Halogen Headlamps
  • New Opel Mokka - High Beam Assist for Halogen Headlamps
    Fog Lamps
  • New Opel Mokka - High Beam Assist for Halogen Headlamps
    High Beam Assist for Halogen Headlamps

See further, better

For the Opel Mokka the Sight Pack provides a High Beam Assist system for halogen and bi-halogen headlamps. The system uses its own camera, or the Opel Eye camera if it is fitted, to automatically switch from dipped to high beam in response to preceding and oncoming traffic. You’ll enjoy a new sense of night driving comfort and the system also actively boosts safety by reducing avoidable driver distraction.

Opel Mokka - Opel Eye Front Camera

Opel Eye - New generation front camera

The highly advanced Opel Eye system in the Mokka has 4 functions, the Traffic Sign Assistant (TSA), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Following Distance Indication (FDI) and Forward Collision Alert (FCA).


The Traffic Sign Assistant (TSA) in the Mokka operates with a camera that provides a higher detection rate and extended functionality. This camera uses high-frequency image exposure technology and an image processor with significantly higher processing power, enabling it to perform multiple operations simultaneously. You’ll find that in addition to explicit speed limits, the system also detects and displays signs related to speed limits (snow, rain, etc.).


Opel Eye also observes the lane marking lines for the Lane Departure Warning (LDW), which is instantly activated when the car crosses a line without signaling. An audible warning and a sign in the instrument panel lets you know immediately when you start to drift off line.

Following Distance Indication

Following another car too closely does not necessarily lead to an accident, but while driving the Opel Mokka you’ll certainly appreciate a system that helps to avoid tailgating tickets. The Following Distance Indication (FDI) measures the distance to the car ahead and warns you via the central display screen if the distance becomes critical.

  • New Opel Mokka - Forward Collision Alert (FCA)
    Forward Collision Alert (FCA via Opel Eye)

Forward Collision Alert

The Forward Collision Alert (FCA) operates automatically above 40 km/h, if it's not switched off, and gives visual and audible warning whenever a frontal collision is possible. In this way it protects other road users as well as shielding you from potential damage.

  • New Opel Mokka - Cruise Control with Speed Limiter
    Traffic Sign Assistant (TSA via Opel Eye)

Cruise Control with speed limiter

Speed limits and speeding tickets are a fact of life. The speed limiter function enables you to avoid tickets by setting a maximum speed upwards from 30 km/h. This can be overridden by fully pushing the accelerator pedal down, in which case a warning is displayed in the Driver Information Center (DIC). The speed limiter function is automatically reactivated after any deceleration or braking, ensuring you stay below the speed limit.

  • New Opel Mokka - Rear View Camera (RVC)
    Rear view Camera (RVC) and display

Rear View Camera

You're high up in the Opel Mokka, so it helps to get a clear view of the area behind the car when you reverse. With the optional RVC, you quickly get used to looking forward at your sat nav or radio display instead of straining your back.

  • Opel Mokka - Hill Start Assist
    Hill Start Assist (HSA)

  • Opel Mokka - Hill Descent Control
    Hill Descent Control (HDC)


Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist

If you take the 4x4 All-Wheel-Drive Opel Mokka off-road, you can use HDC to control your speed on extreme downhill gradients without having to brake. HSA does exactly what the name says, so you can start and park easily on hills without using the handbrake. For a few seconds it automatically holds the brakes for you, to stop you rolling unintentionally backwards or forwards.