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When it comes to comfort the Opel philosophy is simple. You can never have enough of it. This includes great sounds and universal connectivity, but also other aspects of well being, for instance keeping you sitting well and refreshingly cooled.

Opel Mokka - Ergonomic Seats (AGR)

Driver/co-driver ergonomic AGR seats

The correct seating position is the best way to avoid back problems. Therefore Opel Mokka offers optional driver/co-driver ergonomic AGR seats with certification by the German AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs), a center of excellence for ergonomics. The ergonomic AGR seats with a wide range of adjustment possibilities, including lumbar support and seat cushion extension, let you fine-tune your seating position perfectly to your individual comfort requirements.


The driver only ergonomic AGR seat is available with fabric. Driver and co-driver ergonomic AGR seats are available with fabric or fabric/Morrocana trim and are standard with optional leather/Morrocana trim.

  • Opel Mokka - Comfort & Infotainment
    Electronic Climate Control

Stay fresh

Sensor controlled Electronic Climate Control is dual zone and fully automatic. The driver and front passenger just set their ideal temperature and the ECC holds it, whatever the weather outside.

  • New Opel Mokka - Heated Steering Wheel
    Heated steering wheel

Warm hands, warm heart

Just how good a heated steering wheel feels on cold starts is something that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Think about it next time your fingers contact a cold steering wheel, then imagine the difference.

Let the sunshine in

If you want fresh air and sunshine to be an everyday part of your Mokka experience, the electric sunroof delivers it with minimum fuss and maximum convenience.

  • New Opel Mokka - Quickheat

Forget Jack Frost

The efficiency of Quickheat is another way to take the sting out of cold winter mornings by accelerating the heating and defrosting the windscreen ready for you to drive off in comfort.

  • Opel Mokka - CD 400 with Graphic Info Display
    CD 400 with Graphic Info Display

Fresher sounds

The CD 400 has a double tuner for optimal Traffic Message Channel (TMC) functionality. 4 x 20 W, 7 premium speakers and the Graphic Info Display to control the settings of the integrated Dynamic Sound processor. Aux-in for external audio devices. The CD 400 can also be ordered with Digital Media Broadcast (DMB).

  • Opel Mokka - Plug-and-play US B connectivity

    Plug-and-play US B connectivity

Connect to the world

In addition to the CD 400 the CD 450 has Bluetooth® for mobile phone connection and audio streaming and USB for external mobile devices as standard. Digital Media Broadcast (DMB) is optional.

  • New Opel Mokka - CD 600 with color display
    CD 600 with color display
  • New Opel Mokka - Navi 600
    CD 600 with color display

Listen and look

The CD 600 IntelliLink comes with a 7˝ high-resolution color display that also functions as screen for the optional Rear View Camera and can show individual pictures uploaded via USB. The CD 600 with IntelliLink technology includes audio streaming via Bluetooth®. Gracenote®, a music database, identifies artist, album and song names and also helps you to manage your music collection.

  • New Opel Mokka - Navi 950 Europe
    Navi 950 Europe
  • New Opel Mokka - Navi 950 Europe
    Navi 950 Europe


Fast and exact

The state-of-the-art Navi 950 Europe IntelliLink features a 7˝ color display with bird’s eye view in 3D and steering wheel control. The navigation software for more than 30 European countries and a comprehensive travel guide with pictures is stored in the internal memory for fast access. Navigation can be started by one-shot destination entry via Voice Control. It has a CD drive for audio files and voice recognition also for phone, radio and CD/USB. You can hook up external devices via aux-in or USB – for example to upload your favorite photo as a screen saver – and the sound is clear as a bell. IntelliLink technology integrates your smartphone into the infotainment system, the pre-installed Gracenote® software identifies and manages your audio files for perfect enjoyment.

  • New Opel Mokka - Navi 950 Europe
    Navi 950 Europe
  • New Opel Mokka - Navi 950 Europe
    Navi 950 Europe


Brighter, Better, Big Bose® Sound

From resonant depths through to lilting highs, the specifically designed Bose® sound system for the Opel Mokka delivers every note and beat with outstanding clarity and brilliance. Bose® digital sound processing and seven optimally positioned premium quality speakers with a Richbass® subwoofer in a custom engineered bass bin, give concert-like quality. Available in combination with CD 600 IntelliLink and Navi 950 Europe IntelliLink.