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Displays that give you exactly the information that you need, clearly, simply and in a way you can really understand, and controls that put you in intuitive control – the new Human Machine Interface (HMI) of the Insignia makes driving easier and more rewarding.

New Opel Insignia notchback - Steering Wheel Control

Steering wheel control

New steering wheel with optional steering wheel control feels good and looks great. Check out the combination of chrome highlights and superb ergonomics. Designed to keep your eyes on the road, it’s a natural part of the interface experience.


3.5 inch Driver Information Center

The entry-level 3.5 inch mono color display screen proves there is nothing basic about the new Insignia, It keeps you in touch with on-board computer generated information, including fuel consumption, trip details and assistance systems.


4.2 inch Driver Information Center

The 4.2 inch color display shows all the regular on-board computer information then adds audio control, phone functions, navigation, and access to all your other favorite functions, easily operated via the steering wheel controls.


8 inch Driver Information Center

Big, clear, colorful and packed with information – meet the new 8 inch high resolution Driver Information Center behind the steering wheel. It’s been developed and positioned to deliver every aspect of information, communication and control directly, literally and graphically. If you switch it from Tour to Sport mode, it changes from digital to analogue display and shows explicit information about the vehicle systems.


Radio R300

How much infotainment do you want? The entry-level R300 color radio offers a 4.2 inch color info display, 7 speakers and 25 presets. Aux-in and USB are standard. CD player, DAB/DAB+ and DMB-R for digital radio can be specified as option. The output is 4x20 W, there are 6 sound presets, and speed dependent volume and bass control.


R400 with Bluetooth®

The R400 starts with the specifications of the R300 then adds steering wheel controls and Bluetooth® interface for hands-free calling with voice control and audio streaming, a CD player is optional. If yours is a complex or crowded schedule it has everything you need to keep up to date and in control.


Touch R700 IntelliLink

Say hello to IntelliLink. With the Touch R700 IntelliLink this lets you integrate all the features you use most from your smartphone or tablet directly into the Insignias user interface. That way you control these functions via the 8 inch color touchscreen.


The touchscreen offers up to eight apps per screen, with a convenient "Back" or "Home" button to return to the home screen. The number of screens depends on your own input. You’ll find an apps tray too, letting you jump from one app to another without visiting the home screen. You can also configure the home screen exactly to your preferences. Up to 60 configurable favorites, stations, music, telephone numbers etc., are easily stored and just as easily accessed or removed.


Voice recognition is also available, as well as the ability to use the low centre console mounted touchscreen to choose radio stations, input favorites and make calls. In fact this means that there are four ways to control the infotainment: voice, steering wheel, touchscreen or the optional touchpad with handwriting recognition. Take your pick.


Incidentally, in addition to all this technology, the radio itself is outstanding. The sound quality is impressive. USB, aux-in, voice control for all sources, hands-free calling via Bluetooth® and phone based voice recognition are included. DAB/DAB+ and DMB-R are optional.


Navi 900 IntelliLink

Like the Touch R700 IntelliLink, the Navi 900 IntelliLink offers universal connectivity for the perfect integration of your smartphone via Bluetooth® and USB. It is also prepared to support dedicated apps that will be offered. In addition it adds state of the art navigation complete with 2D or 3D, continuous zooming and smooth scrolling, points of interest and different traffic problem info. That all adds up to easy, efficient route finding.


As you'll discover inputting destinations is child’s play. In addition to the 8 inch color touchscreen, you can use One Shot voice commands e.g. "London, Mainstreet 22" or the touchpad, in easy reach behind the gearstick. It lets you control the cursor on the screen to select any item by using one-, two-, or three-finger gestures used on smartphones and tablets. The touchpad also offers handwriting recognition to enter a destination or a phone number. Whichever you choose, the control is highly intuitive with minimum distraction.


Internal flash memory gives fast access to navigation data and dynamic navigation is available with RDS-TMC or the equivalent pay systems in the UK and France. Comfortable browsing through traffic messages is easy as they are displayed fully on screen and shown on the map. The precision of the system also extends to highway lane guidance.


You’ll find the audio and sound control features are right up to standard with those of the Touch R700 IntelliLink, meaning optional access to DAB/DAB+ and DMB-R and optional CD player.


BOSE® Sound System

With the upper level units, the Touch R700 IntelliLink and Navi 900 IntelliLink you can add the extra premium luxury of the specially created BOSE® sound system. This features 8 high specification speakers. The power output is 4x25 W and 2x50 W, with a BOSE® digital sound processor for concert hall clarity and surround sound. One major benefit is that you can balance the tone to suit yourself with the 6 channel graphic equalizer.