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Every new technology brings also new challenges for the user. Although the IntelliLink System of the new Insignia is highly self-explanatory and intuitive to operate, there may remain questions about how to exploit the full potential of all features. Here are most of the questions you might have.


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How can I pair my phone with the infotainment system?

In order to pair your phone, please go to the "Phone" application. From the "Interaction Selector" select "Phones" and press on "Pair Device". Please follow the instructions on your device and make sure Bluetooth® is enabled.

How can I access my phone book contacts and recent calls?

In order to access your contact list, please go to the "Phone" application and select "Contacts". Make sure you allowed access to your phone book and recent calls list on your phone. Please note that depending on your phone, loading the phone book and recent calls list might take the system a few minutes.

How can I select a button with the touch pad? When tapping on the touch pad nothing happens.

Press the touch pad down. Tapping it won't trigger an action.

What multi-finger gestures does the touch pad support?

The following 3-finger gestures are supported.

  • 3-finger vertical gesture: Maximize/minimize the Favorites Bar. (1)
  • 3-finger horizontal gesture: Page to next/prev. Favorites Bar Page. (2)


The following 2-finger gestures are supported:

  • On Homescreen. 2-finger horizontal gesture: Page to next/prev. (3)


Home screen page.

  • In Lists. 2-finger vertical gesture: Scroll list. (4)
  • On navigation map. 2-finger vertical/horizontal/diagonal gesture: Pan the map. (5)
  • On navigation map. 2-finger pinch/spread gesture: Zoom out/in the map. (6)
  • On Audio. 2-finger horizontal gesture: Change to next/prev. station/song. (7)
  • On Audio. 2-finger vertical gesture: Switch Radio or Media sources. (8)


How can I improve multi-finger gesture detection?

Try to put the fingers on the touch pad at the same time and then do the gesture. Don't press down the touch pad while performing a gesture.

How can I increase the Touchpad's handwriting recognition performance?

Try out different drawing speed settings (slow/normal/fast). You can access this setting from the handwriting recognition screen. For a navigation destination input, only draw uppercase letters.

What can be stored as a favorite?

You can store up to 60 favorites of different types. Almost all elements can be stored as a favorite, e.g. destinations, phone contacts, playlists, radio station, etc.

How can I store a new favorite?

To store a new favorite, go to the respective application and do a long-press on the element of the "Favorites bar" that you want to store the favorite to. A short beep sound confirms storing. In some cases, you will be asked to select a specific item.

How can I rename, delete or move my favourites?

In the infotainment, go to Settings, Radio Settings, Manage Favorites in order to rename, delete or move your favorites.

Where are the favorites stored and how can I recall them?

You can recall your favorites persistently from the Favorites Bar by pressing on any favorite. On certain screens the favorites are hidden to extend the main content view. You can access the favorites on those screens by pressing the "Reveal Button" on the lower right of the screen or by dragging the "Interaction Selector " upwards with your finger.

After entering a destination address, a "No results" pop-up" is shown. What am I doing wrong?

For full address entry, the navigation system expects a certain input format. Depending on in which country the entered address is located, a different input format might be required. If you want to enter an abroad destination, add the country name to the end of your entry. For a list of the required input formats per country, please refer to the owners manual.

How can I cancel an active route guidance?

To cancel a route guidance, on the navigation screen, select "MENU" from the interaction selector and then select "Cancel Route".

How can I change audio sources?

By pressing the "Radio" button on the control elements repeatedly, you can switch through all available radio source (AM/FM/DAB*). By pressing the "Media" button repeatedly, you can switch through all available media sources (USB, SD, iPod, BT-Audio, CD*, Aux).

How can I browse radio stations or media music?

To browse radio station or media music, such as your playlists or albums, press on the browse area on the audio screen.

I heard there are Apps available for my infotainment system. How can I download them?

New Apps can be downloaded from the AppShop to your system. Access the AppShop by selecting "Apps" from the home screen. Make sure Bluetooth and Tethering are enabled and properly configured on your mobile phone. First time users need to create a new account before Apps can be installed. Select "Setup Wizard" and follow the instructions.

How can I improve the performance of the Voice Recognition?

The Voice Recognition is designed to understand naturally pronounced voice commands. Wait for the beep tone and speak afterwards. Try to speak naturally, not too fast or too loud.

How can I improve the touch screen's performance?

The touch screen is pressure-sensitive. Especially when doing drag gestures try to apply more pressure with your finger.