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Long sleek and graceful, the Opel Cascada brings a new modern freshness to the most desirable way to drive.


Classic elegance times two

Open or closed, the Opel Cascada has brilliance. The clear lines reflect total commitment to elegance and style. From the front it is unmistakably an Opel, but refined in every detail. Check out the sculpted, impressive grille, the expensive mesh below it, the signature LED Daylight Running Lights and stylish chrome. The discretely sculpted power bulge just subtly hints at the performance.


From the side with the top down the profile is long, sleek and uninterrupted. The soft top and rollover bars completely hidden. There are no gimmicks because none are needed. The sculptural nature is natural and refined. With the soft top raised the pillarless proportions and the material quality are impressive. A chrome strip delineates the roof from the bodywork, adding a classic “grande routier” touch. The long doors and graceful A pillars are not only stylish, they are practical making entry just that important bit easier. The choice of roof colors, from Black, Sweet Coffee, Malbec and Khaki Grey also adds another element to the image of overall style.


At the back high-tech 3D LED taillamps, visually connected by an elegant chrome bar, create a smoothly rounded profile and together with the high level brake light form an unmistakable light signature. The broad stable stance and clever proportions work perfectly together to round off the sleek lines.


The feeling of perfection

Tactile, high quality materials, flowing surfaces and welcoming comfort. The Opel Cascada starts off looking good, gets better the closer you get and reveals the best when the door opens. The high quality, tactile Morrocana wrapping of dashboard and instrument panel with detail stitching immediately catches the eye. Everything is in the right place, the instruments are driver oriented, the center stack mounted controls fall easily to hand what pleases the eye is also pleasing to the senses.

Four individual deep contoured, spacious and supportive seats are waiting to be enjoyed. The Easy Entry system slides the front seats back at a mere touch, then just as quickly and easily back into place. High quality cloth or luxurious leather is yours to choose. The leather is detailed with saddle stitching adding yet another touch of luxury.


A perfect first car

Everyday usability and personal storage is often a problem area with convertibles. Not with the Opel Cascada. 13 easily reached and conveniently located storage possibilities provide order on board.


Then there is the luggage compartment that can take 280 to 380 liters with the roof open or closed. In addition it takes just a few seconds to use the FlexFold system to fold one or both rear seats to achieve up to 750 liters of space. The switches are conveniently located either side of the rear of the luggage compartment. When used an electric release system activates a spring-loaded mechanism that automatically folds the chosen seat back.


For extra security when the car is parked and locked with the top down, the backrests are locked in position and cannot be folded forward by the release on the backrests – neatly cutting off access to the trunk. And for even more security there is also a factory fitted security system that guards the whole car, even the wheels, against theft.