• Opel Cascada - Pedestrian Area Light

    Pedestrian Area Light

    Highlights potential hazards with a wider spread of light (an extra 8° left and right).

    Opel Cascada - Town Light

    Town Light

    Spreads the light wider and lower. Activated by vehicle speed and street lighting.

    Opel Cascada - Country Road Light

    Country Road Light

    Wider and brighter than normal, for a 70-metre dazzle-free beam.

    Opel Cascada - Highway Light

    Highway Light

    Raises, brightens and extends the beam to 140 metres – without blinding other drivers.



  • Opel Cascada - Adverse Weather Light

    Adverse Weather Light

    Activated by wipers or a rain sensor, this setting improves vision in wet weather.

    Opel Cascada - High Beam with Assist (HBA)

    High Beam with Assist (HBA)

    HBA automatically dips your headlights when it detects other vehicles ahead and switches back to high beam when the road is clear.

    Oel Cascada - Dynamic Curve Light

    Dynamic Curve Light

    The headlights turn into the curve by up to 15°. Activated by steering angle and speed.

    Opel Cascada - Static Cornering Light

    Static Cornering Light

    Throws light 90° to the left or right so you can see better what’s around the corner.

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See more clearly and be alerted in advance to problems or dangers. Let modern technology take the effort, stress and a whole lot of uncertainties out of driving. Then discover how much more relaxed and fulfilling driving can be.

New Opel Cascada - Adaptive Forward Lighting Plus (AFL+)

Adaptive Forward Lighting Plus (AFL+)

Seeing your way is a major part of being safe and feeling good. AFL+ is all about how you see. It is currently considered one of the most competent light systems.


This system is permanently fed with all speed and steering angle data by the vehicle electronics and sensors. Even more sensors assess the light and weather conditions and monitor the preceding or oncoming traffic. Based upon this data the AFL+ controls the profile of the bi-xenon lights so you get optimal vision at all times and under all conditions.


One of the many advanced AFL+ functions is the High Beam Assist, which automatically switches the halogen lights between high and dipped beam. It is controlled via a special camera mounted behind the windscreen. This recognizes preceding or approaching traffic and whether or not the vehicle is in the town or country.

New Opel Cascada - Opel Eye

Opel Eye

The generation II Opel Eye camera system of the Opel Cascada has 4 functions, all designed to make safety that much more positive and driving much more relaxed.


How many times have you missed a road sign? The Traffic Sign Assistant (TSA) helps ensure that you don’t miss any hazard or speed warnings. In addition to speed limits, the system also detects and displays signs related to temporary speed limits (snow, rain, etc.), displaying them right in front of you.


Opel Eye also monitors the lane marking lines for the Lane Departure Warning (LDW). This is instantly activated when the car crosses a line without signaling, instantly alerting you with an audible and optical warning.


The Following Distance Indication (FDI) measures the distance to the car ahead, letting you know via the central display screen if the distance becomes critical. Following another car too closely does not necessarily lead to an accident, but we think you will appreciate a system that helps to avoid tailgating tickets.


The Forward Collision Alert (FCA) gives visual and audible warning when a collision is likely. You can set it for different distances, a major advantage in poor light or bad weather conditions.


Especially useful on all multi-lane highways, is the Side Blind Spot Alert (SBSA). It uses side-mounted sensors to check if there is an obstructing vehicle in the inner or outside lane when you want to pull over. It continually monitors the blind spots on both sides and lights an LED in the inner or outer rear view mirror when a vehicle is in this area. If the indicator is used when a vehicle is in this problem zone the LED flashes. SBSA is active up to 140 km/h.


Parking safely and protecting the paint

The Opel Cascada looks good, so why risk spoiling it for a few moments lack of concentration or perhaps an unseen hazard? The rear view camera gives you a clear view of 130 degrees around the back. It is mounted high so you get a clear view that really helps judge distances. Just selecting reverse gear activates the camera and the image is displayed on the color information screen. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get out of the habit of turning in your seat every time you reverse.


Incidentally, on the subject of parking, the Advanced Park Assist quickly takes any hit and miss element out of parking. It simply calculates all of the steering move you need to make, and displays them graphically on the central screen. And, as you don’t have to let go of the steering wheel, so you are always in control.


Changing lanes is a time when a few seconds can make a massive difference. To protect against unseen problems the Side Blind Spot Alert uses sensors to cover the likely blind spots. When indicating to pull out or change lane an LED lights in the exterior mirror of the direction. If the system detects an approaching vehicle it begins to flash and a chime sounds as a warning.