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No matter which trim world, the funky ADAM JAM, the chic ADAM GLAM or the sporty ADAM SLAM, you configure your own mini car. The all-new ADAM finally gives you the opportunity to express yourself through your own car. ADAM’s almost endless configuration features will get people’s attention when you drive down the street. The choice is absolutely yours when it comes to exterior/interior color, fabric, wheels, décor and kit combination possibilities. ADAM’s striking and unique “floating” roof, which is visually disconnected from the body, allows a perfect execution of a two-tone color combination giving you even more possibilities. To get you in the right mood ADAM even offers a wide variety of different packs with special features. Take it to the next level with an Extreme Pack or put a twist to it with one of the Twisted Packs.


ADAM is truly yours. You configure your very own mini urban car to fit your personality exactly. So what are you waiting for?