New Opel ADAM - Driver Assistance

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ADAM has the technology to back up its urban fresh individuality and attitude. These driving features make a ride in ADAM even easier and even more unique.

  • Parking Just Got Fun

Parking just got fun

With the help of the Advanced Park Assist II this fresh mini car will not only find a fitting parking space, but will also steer into the slot. Making it easier on you. So keep your hands off the steering wheel, the car will take of that for you. So ADAM does all the hard work. Simply control acceleration, deceleration and gearshift. And lets not forget ADAM’s Park Pilot. This rear park assist is there, whenever you need it. Sensors help detect obstacles at the rear. So just listen to the beep, which indicates the distance to the obstacles.

  • Opel ADAM - White Pack
    Cruise Through the City
  • Opel ADAM - White Pack
    Cruise Through the City

Cruise through the city

Just flip the switch and enjoy a perfect ride in the city. To reduce steering effort at low speeds, power assistance to the steering is increased in City Mode, which can be activated via a switch on the dashboard.

  • Switch and Drive

Switch and drive

The Start/Stop System further optimizes fuel savings especially in city traffic. The engine stops when the car comes to a standstill with transmission in neutral and starts instantly as soon as the clutch pedal is activated again. The system can be activated/deactivated via a button on the instrument panel. When the system is active and the engine is stopped, the rev-counter needle goes to the labeled “AUTOSTOP” position to signal readiness for automatic start. In order to provide reliable engine restarts, the Start/Stop System uses an optimized generator, starter, and a specific battery.

This feels good

By using inputs from EPS® and multiple vehicle systems to determine the appropriate response to various conditions, the EPS® software of ADAM can add or subtract torque to the steering system independent of driver input. This results in a more pleasant driving experience with reduced driver workload and increased precision feel.


The Active Lead / Pull Compensation software provides a torque assistance on the steering wheel to compensate for influence due to crowned roads or sturdy cross-wind.


Additional special software enhances responsiveness and feel of the steering when the steering wheel is approximately centered. By applying torque to compensate mechanical friction in the steering, the steering wheel has a higher tendency to turn to the center position when slightly deflected. The result is better steering feel and straight-line stability.

  • New Opel ADAM - Easily change lanes
    Easily Change Lanes

Easily change lanes

The ultrasonic-based blind spot assistant SBSA helps you to avoid a crash with a vehicle in the neighboring lane by always screening the blind spots to the sides of the vehicle. SBSA warns you when it sees a potential danger, so have one thing less to worry about.

  • New Opel ADAM - Keep it warm or keep it cool

Keep it warm or keep it cool

On those cold days ADAM has just the right things to make you feel at home. ADAM’s Electronic Climate Control (ECC) is easy to operate and makes sure you are in the right climate. The ECC operates along the principle of predictive and adaptive equation models. This control strategy was developed by Opel and represents a “first” in the industry, making ADAM also unique from the inside. The concept is based on a new definition of climate comfort, which goes beyond simple temperature control. ADAM ECC is controlled by a microprocessor, which computes the on-board climate and adjusts it to match the desired values, starting from the initial temperature measurement.