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The all-new Opel ADAM combines bold, iconic design and pure individuality. The color and trim worlds are just as multi-facetted in style as the customers ADAM was created for.


Exterior design

The Opel ADAM takes personalization and dynamics to a whole new level. The unique two-tone floating roof gives ADAM the allure to stand out in the crowd. And measuring just under 3.70 meters in length and 1.72 meters in width, the agile three-door doesn’t only look squat, it´s honed for providing the perfect urban driving experience too.


ADAM is the first car to bare the new Opel front face. Framed by a lower and wider single trapezoid grille, the newly proportioned brand bar cradles the Opel logo and uses winglets to link the chrome wing feature in the headlamps.


By placing the turn indicators as round elements alongside the grille, these details all lend ADAM a friendly smile you won´t forget.


The silhouette of ADAM owes it´s distinct gesture to the short hood, gently sloping roofline and fast-raked rear. The floating roof concept is enabled by high-gloss black elements that visually detach the roof from the body. A chrome appliqué underscores the distinct window graphic and is executed like a calligraphy stroke, varying from thick to thin. And what better place to position the ADAM badge than on the fixed side glass that seamlessly flows into the rear window. The body side design conveys athleticism and precision using the signature blade in the lower door and iconic door handle feature linking the tail lamps.


Seen from behind, ADAM has muscle and stance reflected in the bulging fenders and wide positioned tail lamp clusters. These follow the same philosophy as the headlamps with high-gloss black housings and a chrome wing that enhances the lighting signature. Similar to the Astra GTC, ADAM shares an ergonomic touch pad behind the logo to access the trunk and at the same time simplifying the design of the rear.


Interior design

ADAM not only looks good on the outside. The inside delivers style and iconic feeling as well. Three different trim worlds represent three completely different moods. In your ADAM you have the choice of 20 dashboard insert colors, patterns and textures, but one thing always remains the same: high quality material to rock your world.


The friendly sculpted Interior shows a rich play of taut surfaces and flowing lines and transitions. Sculptural artistry meets German precision details in the interior as much as on the exterior of the Adam.


The soft bulges around the vents feel like muscles under the skin. The two- tone accent color, which matches the seats, wraps from the lower IP into the door trims and that way visually widens the cabin and gives this slightly luxurious feeling of roominess you appreciate in more upmarket cars. These door trims are always foam padded under soft fabrics and vinyl. The round, mechanical clock-style instruments and chrome beveled switches convey the aura of sporty precision – yet in a classic way. The chrome tubes fascinate with their funky red backlit pointers and coronas. The 3-dimensionally sculpted steering wheel with the efficiently small packaged airbag cover is delightful to grab and look at. The matt-chromed decor bezel seems to hold the precision switches in its caring hands.


Three areas inside show large high quality decoration panels: the IP upper, the doors and the center console are trimmed in the exterior color or clad in printed and textured decor foils which match the car’s fabrics or leathers. The choice is yours.


The optional fixed glass roof fills the interior of the ADAM with light. And you don’t have to let the weather rain on your parade. ADAM offers you the blue summer sky at all times. Maybe you prefer a starry night or go sporty with a black and white race flag. Just light up your ceiling with illuminated motif headliners above your head.