New Opel ADAM - Chassis & Drive Dynamics

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ADAM isn’t just another copy. ADAM stands out. The well balanced Chassis, great handling, comfort and precise steering make a drive in an ADAM a true adventure.


Customized and modified

The new ADAM uses the Corsa chassis with reinforced sub frame for increased stiffness and dual path strut mount for separate introduction of spring and shock absorber loads. To compensate for the reduced wheel base (-200 mm vs. Corsa) and to optimize ride and handling, modifications have been made to make this car one of a kind:


  • Front suspension geometry optimized via changes on front knuckle to improve vehicle roll behavior and steering response
  • Vehicle center of gravity lowered
  • Front spring rates adapted to improve vehicle pitch angle rating during braking
  • Modified damper rates
  • Rear axle stability increased by modifying torsion beam welding angle
  • Specific torsion profile angle for rear suspension
  • Steering gear and algorithm changed for increased precision feel and reduced driver workload (see steering system)

A star-performer

The ADAM has a Neutral Torque Axis (NTA) engine mounting system with two load-carrying mounts to the body and one torque mount attached to the sub frame. This system contributes to the driving comfort, improves fuel economy since idle speed can be lowered and has excellent idle shake insulation performance.


Fuel consumption combined 5,5–5,0 I/100 km; CO2 emissions combined 129–118 g/km. According to regulation R (EC) No. 715/2007.