• New Opel ADAM ROCKS - New Opel ADAM ROCKS White Pack
  • New Opel ADAM ROCKS - New Opel ADAM ROCKS Black Pack


New Opel ADAM ROCKS Black or white packs.

Black or White. Total contrasts, nothing could be clearer. Choose one or the other, whatever the color, your new Opel ADAM ROCKS is a blank sheet of paper, the style you choose is your signature. Personally yours.


Black or White Pack

The most puristic personalization for your new Opel ADAM ROCKS: After you have chosen the exterior color, you can opt for striking contrasts in black or white for roof, wing mirrors and different alloy wheels. Inside, the instrument panel, centre console and door inlays get the same radical treatment, and the rear windows are tinted. To take your black or white styling up another notch, you can upgrade to an Extra White or Extra Black Pack that adds a white or black front grille bar, rear-view mirror and bigger, bolder wheels.