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The new Opel ADAM ROCKS wasn’t just built to look good as a fresh trendsetter. This urban mini-crossover shows first-in-class comfort and driver assistance features that will make your drive even more unique.


Be seen and get noticed

Thanks to new Opel ADAM ROCKS' Daytime Running Lights with optional LED Technology you will see more and get seen more. DRL attracts the attention of oncoming vehicles in even in daylight, which increases road safety. Not only the headlamps have LED technology, this goes for the tail lamps as well. Due to lower electrical power consumption LEDs also help to reduce CO2 emissions.

Light show at night

The ambient light package also illuminates the passenger footwell, the console storage and the door pockets in eight different colors, made to match the interior trims. When the doors are opened you can step inside to colorful word. And of course it then dims down to the chosen light intensity as soon as the door is closed. Enjoy this light feature especially at night when it is dark and change the color at a flick of a button. The effect while driving is a very calming one on the eyes when everything else in the cabin is dark at night.

On the safe side

When it comes down to protecting its driver the new Opel ADAM ROCKS is one lean mean fighting machine. Safety isn’t part of a show; it’s part of a lifestyle. That’s why new ADAM ROCKS features 3 airbag systems to protect you as the driver and the passengers. Front airbags, pelvis/thorax side airbags and even curtain airbags for the first and second seat row are there in case of an accident. Seat Belt Pretensioners are essential to control body movement in a frontal crash event. They pull the seat belts tight to keep the occupants in a defined position to ensure maximum protection in combination with the front airbags. Most cars have 1 pretensioner per front seat, controlling the movement of the body. The new Opel ADAM ROCKS is one of the first cars in its class that features Dual Seat Belt Pretensioners on the front seats.


Heat things up

Don’t just heat the steering wheel, but also the front seat while you are at. Within 1 min this first-in-class feature will have your hands warmed. The heated steering wheel and the heated front seats are activated by switches in the main console.

Give your back a break

The front and rear seats of new Opel ADAM ROCKS are of a totally new design and are made to be a paradise for your back. Thanks to the use of MDI high-density foam, which is used for exclusive high comfort mattresses as well, the seats provide the best comfort behavior. Higher quality and density foam padding stand for comfort and long-term durability.