Opel ecoFLEX - Overview

Corsa ecoFLEX: Low Fuel Consumption and CO2, Lots of Driving Fun

The ecoFLEX variant is the lowest-consumption, especially low-emission member in each Opel model line-up. The new Corsa ecoFLEX ideally illustrates Opel’s philosophy of developing ecologically responsible cars that are still fun to drive.

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For some drivers the environment comes before everything else. If you share this commitment Opel offers you a real chance to contribute. Discover a whole range of eco- and budget-friendly cars – the Opel ecoFLEX models.

The Opel ecoFLEX family deploys a range of technologies, which together reduce fuel consumption – and this automatically means lower emissions and lower costs.

In addition you will find that eco-friendly motoring can also be fun. The ecoFLEX program covers a wide spectrum of models and performance ranges. Choose whichever fits your lifestyle. All deliver the driving satisfaction that is a major hallmark of Opel.


The ecoFLEX Concept

The Opel ecoFLEX concept is a unique mix of strategy, engine technologies and vehicle optimization. It brings the possibility of more eco-friendly motoring to a wider variety of users, helping committed individuals to contribute to preserving the environment.


ecoFLEX Models

There is an ecoFLEX model for almost every motoring need. Opel Agila, Astra, new Combo, Combo, Corsa, Insignia, Meriva, new Zafira Tourer, Zafira, Vivaro or Movano, whatever your needs or choice, the opportunity to drive in a more eco-friendly way is readily available.