Opel Expands Unique Smartphone Portal for Rescue Crews

28 Sep 2011

  • Fast online help for rescue services now available in 24 languages
  • Data on 66 Opel models including Ampera and HydroGen4 available
  • Smartphone site “opel-rescuecard.com” already received over 150,000 hits
Opel News -  Opel Expands Unique Smartphone Portal for Rescue Crews

Rüsselsheim. Opel was the first automaker to make digital rescue data available on the Internet back in 2010 to give rescue crews quick access to information at car accident sites. The often life-saving advantage of this service is that vehicle-specific data can be accessed by every conventional Smartphone directly at accident sites. This enables rescue crews to quickly get precise information on the exact location of important components and on vehicle body construction.

Opel has now expanded this free mobile service to include more new Opel models such as the electric vehicle Ampera. Data for a total of 66 models from 1991 to the present can now be accessed online. In addition, the languages this service is offered in have more than doubled from ten to 24.

The internet site www.opel-rescuecard.com has received more than 150,000 times since the end of October 2010. This underscores the immense interest in and above all the usefulness of this service. Mobile access to digital data can be decisive when rescue crews need to free casualties from a car wreck. Just a few seconds can often make a big difference.

The mobile rescue data portal is used by firefighters across Europe, but it is also accessed from the USA. Thanks to its built-in page optimization, the portal automatically adapts to every standard smartphone model. The zoom function ensures that single car parts and body sections can easily be seen on a small display. In addition to the mobile Smartphone solution, the digital rescue data files can be downloaded as PDF files from www.vda.de/en/arbeitsgebiete/rettungsleitfaeden_feuerwehr/ and printed out. These standardized data files, developed together by rescue services and car manufacturers, have been available online since 2009.