A Merry Christmas with Opel’s Spacious and Flexible Models

07 Dec 2011

  • Opel’s compact monocabs and station wagons can also easily handle Christmas items
  • Cheerful Christmas holidays with the right cargo security
Opel - A Merry Christmas with Opel’s Spacious and Flexible Models

Rüsselsheim. Christmas is just around the corner and like every year many people face the same problem: how do I get my Christmas tree home without damaging it? Opel owners can relax as the flexible and spacious models of the Rüsselsheim car maker can easily accommodate the festive cargo. There is also plenty of room for children and gifts.

The Sports Tourer versions of the Astra and Insignia or the compact monocabs Meriva, Zafira and Zafira Tourer can easily handle a larger fir tree or spruce. With a maximum trunk size of 1,860 liters the spacious Zafira Tourer is up to the toughest of transport tasks. The flexible compact van from Opel is well suited to accommodating Christmas trees. With its large tail gate and the low loading bay threshold the flexibility master is very accessible making it easier to load and unload bulky cargo. In addition, the flexible seats allow the simultaneous carriage of the Christmas tree and passengers.

Opel - A Merry Christmas with Opel’s Spacious and Flexible Models

Cargo security for cheerful Christmas holidays


As a general rule: it is safer to transport a tree inside the vehicle than on a roof rack. In both scenarios, the cargo has to be well secured so that it does not turn into a dangerous projectile when braking. Opel’s intelligent load space management includes lashing lugs, nets and separating bars as standard or optional features, depending on the model. They help the driver secure the cargo and so that branches and twigs do not impair the driver’s visibility.

In Germany for example, more than half of all Christmas trees sold have a height of between 1.40 meters and two meters. Opel’s compact monocabs and station wagons can easily accommodate trees of these dimensions. If the tree is too big for the interior of the vehicle, the local traffic regulations have to be adhered to. The tree should not stand out from the vehicle. In many countries the tree is prohibited from sticking out to the front, but one is allowed to stick out by 1.5 meters to the back. However, if the tree is longer than a meter, during daytime hours it has to be marked by a red flag or a bright, cylindrical object with dimensions of at least 30 x 35 centimeters. At dusk, dawn or during the night, a properly tried and tested red light and a rear reflector have to be attached.